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Oneline Play
Alliance Theatre is about to begin an online panto of Cinderella - Register NOW
Please tell us which character you would most like to play, followed by your second, third and forth choice etc.  Every character can be played by either male OR female performers of ANY age. Characters are:
Fairy Godmother, Mouse, Evil Stepmother, Buttons Pumpkin, Cinderella, Ugly sister, Prince and Dandini
Register by 31st October
If you don't have email then please contact us through Facebook :

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See the previous online Shakespeare play - Click on YouTube icon at the bottom of this page.

Alliance Theatre hopes to open its doors to the public in early 2021, in the iconic Royal Welsh Warehouse, better known as the Pryce Jones Building. The Royal Welsh Warehouse was built to bring Newtown together through industry. Now, 140 years later, the community will use it to bring the town together through arts.

Alliance Theatre is a community theatre with the aim to carry out activities which benefit the community and, in particular to rehearse and stage performances, providing an opportunity for local people to perform on stage. Alliance Theatre intends to open a creative space and small-scale performance arena which will be affordable and accessible to local individuals as well as community groups and visiting companies.

Our new theatre will be a small and intimate venue, with about 120 seats arranged on three sides of the stage.
Alliance Theatre is a brand new venture for Newtown, Powys. The first performance venue in the town run by a team of local creatives for the express purpose of promoting theatrical affordability and availability, together with communal inclusivity, for the expansion of Newtown’s cultural provision. 

It will host
· in house productions
· touring productions
· film screenings
· comedy nights
· music evenings

Our Ethos
We believe that theatre belongs to everyone, and that everyone has a story to tell, where individual opinions and experiences count, and are valued by others. We wish to enable communities to share their stories, and engage audiences who rarely attend theatre. The more accessible we can make it, the more groups will use it and the more interest will be generated.
Our Stage
The stage will be of a ‘thrust’ design, with the audience on three sides, as in Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. This will be unique across small-scale venues in Mid Wales, providing an intimate and inclusive experience.
We intend to fully equip the premises with a blacked out auditorium, raked seating, sound and light, projection screen, and build a back stage area, incorporating changing spaces.
Our Venue
We plan for our venue to become a performance hub for other community theatre groups from the region, both amateur and professional. By providing an affordable venue, we want to encourage them to tour their productions to us, helping to share new theatrical experiences with a wider audience and therefore help to bring our communities together.
Above are pictures of recent performances staged in Newtown
Newtown Nativity 2018 Christmas Lights On: Our first large scale open-air theatrical event with a community cast with local choirs, animals and snow for Christmas entertainment.
Portrait of Marie Therese 2019 Wales One Act Play Festival: Original mysterious and atmospheric ghost story, winner of Adjudicator's award then taken on tour.
War of the Worlds 2019 Theatre from a Train: Giant spaceships, huge attacking aliens, screaming Victorians, terrifying Martian invasions and an exposive finale.
Christmas Carol 2019 Christmas Lights On: Huge retelling of the classic story featuring giant projections, flying spirits, towering apparitions and spectacular snow blizzard and fireworks.
Cinderella Oneline Panto
Alliance Theatre's first panto will be an online performance of Cinderella similar to the Shakespeare play. We will need lots of cinderellas, ugly sisters, prices, and other charaters and each will have a few lines to perform. Register now at the top of this page if you are interested in joining us on this project. Don't be shy, give it a go !
Shakespeare Oneline
During the pandemic the company decided to produce an online performance in which 50 actors each had 1 line to perform. The text chosen was the Motely fool monolgue from As You Like It. Each actor was able to interpret their line in whichever way they liked. The film and radio interview can be seen now. Just scroll down to the bottom and click on the YouTube icon.
One Act Play Festival 2021
Alliance theatre plans to enter next years national one act play festival with two original plays:
CAST OFF Is a madcap fast-paced, inflatable, floating comedy of biblical proportions.
OPENING NIGHT is set in the backstabbing backstage world of amateur dramatics. Talentless divas, irate directors and pyromaniac stage managers, in a comedy of one-upmanship.

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